3 Key Benefits Of Using A SharePoint Governance Plan

If you’ve recently installed a SharePoint system within your organisation and haven’t addressed or fully grasped the Governance feature, you will definitely need to read on. The 3 benefits of using a governance plan listed below only scratch the surface in why you should take advantage of one, and whilst this isn’t an in-depth article, these 3 broad points are key in understanding just how powerful this feature can be.

Understanding SharePoint Governance

SharePoint Governance‘ is exactly what it says – the governing of exactly how your SharePoint will be utilized within your company/business. See it as a guide that outlines the various aspects within your organisation: administration, maintenance, and support of your SharePoint environments. Governance sets the guidelines, rules and procedures just as you apply them to suit your personal SharePoint requirements.

The correct governance plan allocates responsibility and varying SharePoint access to an organisations’ users/members. In a nutshell, a governance plan determines how your SharePoint is going to run according to your guidelines.

Do You Need A SharePoint Governance Plan?

Allowing a governance plan to oversee all of your SharePoint’s actions obviously creates more spare time, one of the most valuable aspects of running a successful organization. Its ease of initialisation and use are key to SharePoint’s popularity. It even allows users to create collaborative websites in under ten minutes.

Any organisations using SharePoint should make governance a top priority, with an overall look of what the entire organisation requires as a whole, rather than that of a single team or unit.

Used correctly, governance is an amazingly impressive and powerful piece of technology – this is why a SharePoint governance plan is essential and the reason for its increasing popularity in avoiding failure.

What Goes Into A Governance Plan?

Within any organisation, day-to-day activities are going to present tactical differences in managing SharePoint and its features, capabilities, policies and controls. A governance plan will help create a successful collaborative strategy, including data used across other platform(s). Its basic features include risk assessment, auditing, security concerns, and data management, such as storage policies.

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t an in-depth article; however, there are a lot of aspects to consider when setting up a governance plan. To get an idea of exactly what goes into a plan and what needs addressing, take a look at this example checklist below:

Individual and group roles and responsibilities:

  • Equipment
  • Storage
  • Locations
  • Operations
  • Application Use
  • Branding
  • Configuration
  • Navigation
  • Training
  • Support

Important aspects that need to be highlighted and written down before applying them to a plan include an organisation’s rules, technology, all allocated responsibilities, and company protocol and its policies.

Once all the bases are covered and governance plan is put in place, your SharePoint will hold the organisation and its operations together, saving time, money, confusion and stress.

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Is Poor Internet Performance Compromising Your Business?

We’ve all heard the business cliché about time equalling money and its modern equivalent, “Money never sleeps”, just as we know the age old proverb, “Time waits for no man”, but what if there was that one factor we could control, something allowing us to seemingly cheat Old Father Time and consequently improve a business’ performance.

What if I was to tell you that one factor was a simple fix, something often overlooked due to its ostensibly complex nature and unnecessary esoteric jargon?

The 21st century has introduced a vast array of technological advances to the business world, chief among them the constantly evolving universe of cyber space. Although the Internet launched at the end of the 20th century, it wasn’t until a few years into the 21st it really made a household impression. A decade on and society now relies on it like an invisible nanny – the infinite pool of knowledge accessible via handy programs and neat applications ensure a relatively problem and hassle-free day.

Now satellites, cables, modems and routers connect the globe with their invisible magic, business Internet providers keep businesses ‘plugged in’, ‘online’, the ability to instantly communicate with anyone, anywhere and at anytime eliminating that archaic and time-consuming practise of travel. Why lick a stamp when you have email? Why travel to a business meeting when you have Skype?

This is all good and well until technology lets you down. When bugs, glitches or gremlins decide to throw the proverbial spanner into the works, what was once taken for granted is suddenly sorely missed.

To a small business not relying entirely on the web to operate, slow, erratic or interrupted Internet speeds may seem like an inconvenience. However, the modern business fully utilising the Internet, relying on integrated business management software, programs that effectively tackle all aspects of the business’ running, poor performance is an obviously big concern.

Many modern businesses have also reverted to storing their files and data in the sky using Cloud storage – instead of saving data to a computer’s hard drive or storage device, it is saved to a remote database. Because the Internet provides the connection between you and your entire company’s data, even if you do have to travel within office hours, it can be accessed via mobile devices. This is extremely convenient until that Internet link disappears – when this happens, you have affectively lost your filing cabinet’s keys, albeit it momentarily.

Not only are slow Internet speeds listed as more annoying than exams, power cuts, low batteries or even empty fridges, having to endure web pages that won’t load or display error codes can transform a rational and calm human being into a cursing and neurotic wreck.

If you’re considering taking full advantage of the Internet, or you aren’t impressed with your current business Internet performance, switching to a provider specialising in tailor made packages will save unnecessary high blood pressure and downtime.

Speed isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing an IP provider. Reliability is key in maintaining fast performance, just as security is key in safeguarding against the constantly evolving spammers and cyber criminals.

Whatever your budget or the level of support you require from your IP, there is a provider out there that can help you make the right choice. A little research and communication with a specialised business IP will explain everything from broadband, bandwidths, bit-rates and bytes to cookies, caches, clients and cable.

Ultimately, the correct business IP will serve as an invisible employee, always speedy, reliable and ensuring crucial deadlines are met and everyone involved stays connected.

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Keep Your Business Head In The Clouds With NetSuite

What Is NetSuite?

To fully understand NetSuite and all of its benefits and functions, you first need to take a few steps back and overlook its ostensibly complex features by focussing on its overall and fundamental goal: to run a business efficiently and economically online from one single piece of computer software.

Compounding further on this broad summary, still keeping it simple yet simultaneously highlighting just how easy NetSuite software is to utilize, think of it as a system capable of storing all company data in a one database. All information and analytical data is accessed via a series of online real-time dashboards. These dashboards can be allocated appropriately to the employees dealing with different aspects of the company.

Cutting Costs And Time

Because NetSuite utilizes the Cloud storage system, the archaic days of printers, wasted paper, filing cabinets and IT repair bills are over.

Cloud storage allows data access from any location providing Internet access. This is effectively like lugging around your company’s entire filing facilities with you. The other key benefit from Cloud storage is its ability to free up time – as all data is accessible from a touch of a button via 3G or 4G through mobile devices, a company can still run whilst you are on the move.

NetSuite And Its Software Variants


The flagship software package, NetSuite, is aimed at a broader spectrum of the business sectors, offering online accounting, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), all Inventory and e-commerce software.

All aspects of running business are tackled within this fully integrated piece of software, connecting your business and tying finance, sales, service and fulfilment together via its online dashboards at the click of a button.

NetSuite OneWorld

The world of business and e-commerce is extremely diverse and NetSuite have thought about this and offer different applications of their program. NetSuite OneWorld is aimed at multinational and multi–subsidiary companies, providing far cheaper global business management and financial consolidation compared to the on–premise ERP solution.

NetSuite CRM+

This variant of NetSuite offers Powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for management of the entire customer lifecycle. NetSuite CRM+ provides management via the web, a flexible solution that caters for SFA (Sales force automation), Marketing automation, and Customer care.

NetSuite OpenAir PSA

The OpenAir package provides project-based ventures with their project resources and management. Accounting, timesheets and business expenses are also dealt with, reducing bench time and improving both on-time and invoice accuracy.

Why NetSuite?

Used by over 19,000 companies, corporations and businesses the world over, NetSuite has grown significantly since its conception, boasting many awards, including Best Commerce Solution, Best Financial Solution and also recognised as an outstanding contribution to online business solutions.

So once you’ve decided to take your venture by the horns and aim for the clouds, it’s just a matter of selecting the package best suited to your needs. You won’t face any hardware installs or potential maintenance fees associated with complex set-ups. There are no large, up-front license fees either – just as NetSuite promises, everything is taken care of online and in the sky.

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How To Use Social Media When You Are Moving To a New Place

Moving to a new place is an important decision which requires extensive planning and preparation in advance. You can move to a new place either by yourself or you can avail the services of a moving company.

Your moving experience depends a lot on the moving company you choose (if you are hiring a moving company). Before zeroing in on one company you need to do a thorough research both online and offline. You can refer to the client testimonials to get idea about the long distance moving companies and accordingly decide. You must also ask for referrals from the moving company and call them.

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10 Ways To Hack Your Dress Code For a Job Interview

Dressing and getting ready for a job interview is one of the most nerve wracking things that you have to do. Aside from your wedding day it’s probably the most thought and effort that you put into your appearance.

I’ve personally seen CEOs check out of interviews and not say a word beyond “hi” when someone showed up dressed way too casually, or even if they had on tennis shoes instead of dress shoes.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. There are some really good, simple rules to follow to take some of the worry out of dressing for an interview and will take a bit of the stress out of prepping for it as well.

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How To Use Video In The Classroom For Smarter Teaching

Video is a powerful tool. If a picture alone is worth 1,000 words, imagine how powerful a video can be. As such, videos have been a part of the classroom culture for as long as they’ve been easily accessible. Everyone remembers video day in school, when the teacher would turn town the lights, start a video…and the rest of class become a social hour. But wait, I hardly think that last part is what the teacher had in mind when she decided to show a video in class. When used correctly, videos provide a great way to stimulate discussion and increase a student’s understanding of a topic.

We will delve into the correct way to use a video in class in a little bit, but first, let’s discuss effective and fun ways video can be incorporated into any class.

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Stop Slacking! and Start Getting Things Done – A Noobs Guide

Getting Things Done, or GTD, is the name of a productivity program that was invented by a man named David Allen. It has gained a near cult following because of its effectiveness to help people do just that; get things done. While the program is fairly straightforward, this article is going to help you weed through all of the different ways that it can help you with your daily tasks and show you why the program works. Since this site is called “Social Hacks,” we’ll be taking a close look at how this effective time management hack can help you be more productive during the day instead of wasting time on things that don’t matter.

If you want to skip right ahead to what the hell GTD is about, feel free to skip the section called “The Basic Idea.”

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Top Ten Ways To Use A Stopwatch In The Classroom

There are many helpful ways to use a stopwatch in the classroom. In this article we identify ten ways for a teacher to use a stopwatch. Each of these methods will encourage student participation and make the classroom more fun. We especially recommend using an online stopwatch, meaning a stopwatch application that you can use online for free, right in your web browser. Using an online stopwatch is especially helpful in the classroom as it can be projected on a large screen that can be easily seen by all.

So, without further ado, here are some ways that using an online stopwatch can be helpful to teachers.

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Road Trip – The Ultimate Guide To The American Teen Dream

Road tripping is the best way to explore the United States, hands down. As a student, I once dreamt about the day that I’d be able to pack up all of my clothes in a car and head out on the open roads to explore all of the corners of the US that I’d always wanted to see. When I graduated, I got the money together and actually did it. A friend of mine and I planned out a route on Google Maps and over the course of 2 months, we made our way around the country exploring everything we possibly could.

Obviously, not all road trips are as long as the one we embarked on, but the basic principles still apply. I’ve done my best to compile everything I learned about planning and going on a road trip that I could so that other people can hopefully enjoy the “amazingness” that is the open road. (Amazingness is totally a word).

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3463 Words of Bodybuilding Tips, Hacks and Advice – Complete Guide

OK, so we’ve discussed a lot of cardiovascular exercises on the blog already and I figured it was time to step it up a notch and start talking about some bodybuilding exercises. Today’s topics will include some basic bodybuilding exercises as well as important tips for people to use if they’re just getting started with working all of their muscle groups or for the folks who have been bodybuilding for a while and need a few extra pointers to take things to the next level.

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