How To Use Video In The Classroom For Smarter Teaching

Video in classroom

Video is a powerful tool. If a picture alone is worth 1,000 words, imagine how powerful a video can be. As such, videos have been a part of the classroom culture for as long as they’ve been easily accessible. Everyone remembers video day in school, when the teacher would turn town the lights, start a video…and the rest of class become a social hour. But wait, I hardly think that last part is what the teacher had in mind when she decided to show a video in class.

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13 Ways To Get Cheap Textbooks For School and College

Cheap Textbooks

As textbook prices go up and up, students are looking for more creative ways to get their textbooks for cheap. And although there are plenty of resources on the web to buy cheap textbooks for college or high school, no one has ever taken the time to actually compile a list of all of the possible avenues to take when buying textbooks.

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