Top Ten Ways To Use A Stopwatch In The Classroom


There are many helpful ways to use a stopwatch in the classroom. In this article we identify ten ways for a teacher to use a stopwatch. Each of these methods will encourage student participation and make the classroom more fun. We especially recommend using an online stopwatch, meaning a stopwatch application that you can use online for free, right in your web browser.

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How To Combat ADHD in Kids Using a Timer

ADHD Timer

Children who have ADHD often have a difficult time waking up in the morning and staying on task throughout the day. They often become overwhelmed when they are given several sets of instructions at the same time and are easily distracted. Using a timer can help them schedule their tasks, estimate how long each task will take, take breaks without being distracted and schedule their most important task for the time of day they are most productive.

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Cyber Bullying: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Cyber Bullying

While bullying in the classroom is something that most parents have at least some first hand knowledge about, the world of cyber bullying is frequently a mystery. And although most parents are in the very least aware of this unfortunate aspect of the internet, few parents understand just what it is or how they can protect their child from it short of taking them offline.

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8 Tips for Getting Your Child to Do Their Homework

Homework Tips

Getting your child to turn off the TV and actually do some homework can at times be a little like pulling teeth. From “just five more minutes” to “I don’t have any homework today”, it appears that they have an excuse for everything. And even if you can get them to turn off the TV and actually sit down, how can you ensure that they actually try to learn something.

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The A-Z Guide To Authoritative Parenting

Although there are many different ways of going about raising your kids, some are considered much better than others.

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