A Visual Guide To Working Smarter And Not Harder

Procrastination Infographic

Making a goal is the easiest way to chart progress in your work day. If you have a long list of tasks, break them up and set a time limit to get each portion done. Procrastination should not be a part of your work day. If there is a difficult task to do, make the time to focus on it until a solution is found. It is also a good idea to remember to get up and take a break to clear your head and get back on task.

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How To Buy Diamonds in 10 Steps – An Infographic

buying diamonds

Have you ever thought of buying yourself a piece of diamond jewelry, but you end up giving up on the idea only because you have no idea how to buy one, or how to find out if the prices are right? What If I tell you that the jewelry stores themselves can provide tips on how to get yourself a great diamond bargain without burning wads of cash? Sounds like a load of bullocks but it is true!

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Infographics – The Multi Billion Dollar Business of Sports

Business of Sports

The business of sports in the United States provides more than 3 million jobs for Americans. Of those 3 million jobs, roughly 225,000 of them belong to professional athletes, coaches, trainers and scouts. The rest of the 2.5 million jobs are held by people marketing and managing fitness centers, ski areas, golf courses, bowling alleys, [...]

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How To Sleep Better and Fast – An Infographic

This insightful infographic from the UK bed superstore not only sheds some light on the most popular bed styles from the UK’s bed superstore, but also throws in some top tips for bedtime bliss, just for good measure.

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Spam – The Less Than Obvious Destruction

Are you one of the millions of people who read their spam messages before the delete them? If you are, then you are a contributor in creating millions of metric tons of Green House Gas emissions every year just by reading spam messages. You may not have thought of it, but you use an energy [...]

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Getting An Insight Into Your Personality Through Your Teeth

Many believe that palm readers can tell a lot about a person based on the intricacies of their hand. While that is a false claim, interestingly, the same principle can also be applied to someone’s smile. Not only are teeth indicative of overall health and hygiene, but they can also be an indicator of many [...]

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An Infographic Guide To Surviving a Nuclear Attack

A nuclear holocaust can be a challenging time for many individuals and their families. While a nuclear holocaust may result in the death of billions of people and the erosion of humanity’s promising future, there’s several steps that one can take to make doomsday a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. It’s important to make sure [...]

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