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10 Smartphone Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard of


So, you’ve spent a whole bunch of money on a cool new phone and are wondering what all you can do with it? Chances are you’ve already spent a few hours browsing the web looking for tips and tricks to make your phone faster, sleeker, and more able-bodied.

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5 Fun Science Fair Projects for Kids

Science Fair Projects

With the Internet making it easier and easier to learn how to do fun and amazing projects, it’s no wonder that the competition is steeper every year for how awesome a science fair project can be.

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Solar Power – How Does It Actually Work?

With rising energy costs across the globe, it’s no wonder that people are looking into alternative methods for their energy needs. Solar power has become popular in recent years because it’s a cheap way to harness the sun’s rays and use them for electricity. Solar panels capture the sun’s rays and use various processes to [...]

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