Road Trip – The Ultimate Guide To The American Teen Dream

road trip

A friend of mine and I planned out a route on Google Maps and over the course of 2 months, we made our way around the country exploring everything we possibly could. I’ve done my best to compile everything I learned about planning and going on a road trip that I could so that other people can hopefully enjoy the “amazingness” that is the open road. (Amazingness is totally a word).

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3 Great Travel Adventures That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

adventure travel

Sure, it may be tempting to play it safe and opt for your typical two-week beach holiday, and for weary parents the thought of a relaxing time spent lounging by the pool doesn’t sound too bad at all. But remember, however much you may enjoy simply kicking back with a cocktail in hand, the kids may just want something a little more stimulating, and they will NOT be shy in letting you know about it.

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Why Kids Love Iceland and Why You Should Oblige Them

Iceland Travel

When talking about Iceland, many people’s responses are only a few degrees above luke-warm. Some complain about the mosquitoes in the summer and the others, the cold in the winter.

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Air Travel Hacked – The Definitive Guide To a Safe and Happy Air Journey

Table of Contents 1.1 Air Travel Statistics 1.2 Air Safety 1.3 Air Travel Restrictions 1.4 Air Travel Rules/Regulations 1.5 ID Required? 1.6 Air Travel Deals 1.7 Air Travel Booking 1.8 Air Travel Coupons 1.9 Last Minute Air Travel 2.0 Student Travel 2.1 First Class Air Travel 2.2 Air Travel Tips 2.3 Packing For Air Travel [...]

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