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Road Trip – The Ultimate Guide To The American Teen Dream

A friend of mine and I planned out a route on Google Maps and over the course of 2 months, we made our way around the country exploring everything we possibly could. I’ve done my best to compile everything I learned about planning and going on a road trip that I could so that other people can hopefully enjoy the “amazingness” that is the open road. (Amazingness is totally a word). Continue reading

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3 Great Travel Adventures That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Sure, it may be tempting to play it safe and opt for your typical two-week beach holiday, and for weary parents the thought of a relaxing time spent lounging by the pool doesn’t sound too bad at all. But remember, however much you may enjoy simply kicking back with a cocktail in hand, the kids may just want something a little more stimulating, and they will NOT be shy in letting you know about it. Continue reading

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Why Kids Love Iceland and Why You Should Oblige Them

When talking about Iceland, many people’s responses are only a few degrees above luke-warm. Some complain about the mosquitoes in the summer and the others, the cold in the winter.

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Air Travel Hacked – The Definitive Guide To a Safe and Happy Air Journey

Table of Contents 1.1 Air Travel Statistics 1.2 Air Safety 1.3 Air Travel Restrictions 1.4 Air Travel Rules/Regulations 1.5 ID Required? 1.6 Air Travel Deals 1.7 Air Travel Booking 1.8 Air Travel Coupons 1.9 Last Minute Air Travel 2.0 Student … Continue reading

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