How To Buy Diamonds in 10 Steps – An Infographic

buying diamonds

Have you ever thought of buying yourself a piece of diamond jewelry, but you end up giving up on the idea only because you have no idea how to buy one, or how to find out if the prices are right? What If I tell you that the jewelry stores themselves can provide tips on how to get yourself a great diamond bargain without burning wads of cash? Sounds like a load of bullocks but it is true!

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Cyber Bullying: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Cyber Bullying

While bullying in the classroom is something that most parents have at least some first hand knowledge about, the world of cyber bullying is frequently a mystery. And although most parents are in the very least aware of this unfortunate aspect of the internet, few parents understand just what it is or how they can protect their child from it short of taking them offline.

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13 Ways To Get Cheap Textbooks For School and College

Cheap Textbooks

As textbook prices go up and up, students are looking for more creative ways to get their textbooks for cheap. And although there are plenty of resources on the web to buy cheap textbooks for college or high school, no one has ever taken the time to actually compile a list of all of the possible avenues to take when buying textbooks.

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8 Tips for Getting Your Child to Do Their Homework

Homework Tips

Getting your child to turn off the TV and actually do some homework can at times be a little like pulling teeth. From “just five more minutes” to “I don’t have any homework today”, it appears that they have an excuse for everything. And even if you can get them to turn off the TV and actually sit down, how can you ensure that they actually try to learn something.

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10 Smartphone Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard of


So, you’ve spent a whole bunch of money on a cool new phone and are wondering what all you can do with it? Chances are you’ve already spent a few hours browsing the web looking for tips and tricks to make your phone faster, sleeker, and more able-bodied.

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Netbook Comparison – Top 10 Reviewed

This guide is a no-bullshit approach to the netbooks that are out there in hopes that when you hop online to buy your first or next netbook that you’re better informed about what all of the numbers and features mean and if they’re really worth your time or money.

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Infographics – The Multi Billion Dollar Business of Sports

Business of Sports

The business of sports in the United States provides more than 3 million jobs for Americans. Of those 3 million jobs, roughly 225,000 of them belong to professional athletes, coaches, trainers and scouts. The rest of the 2.5 million jobs are held by people marketing and managing fitness centers, ski areas, golf courses, bowling alleys, [...]

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3324 Words To Pinterest.Com – Everything You Need To Know

pintrest homepage

If you haven’t heard all the news lately, Pinterest is the newest up and coming social media sensation that’s bringing in 10 million+ unique visitors a month. It’s where all the cool kids are hanging out and it has the potential to be as big as Facebook and Twitter in the coming months. Want to [...]

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Twitter Marketing: The Essential Guide For 2012

Twitter Marketing

Without boring you with all of the details of what Twitter is and how it works, we’re instead going to jump straight into everything you need to know about promoting your brand on Twitter.

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How To Make Friends and Keep Them Forever in 13 Steps

how to make friends

While keeping a friend can be easily summarized in a few basic tips to keep in the back of your mind, below you will see our top 10 list of tips to keep friends forever. Once you’ve met someone that you like or find a friendship growing, these helpful tips will be sure to keep [...]

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