Keep Your Business Head In The Clouds With NetSuite

What Is NetSuite?

To fully understand NetSuite and all of its benefits and functions, you first need to take a few steps back and overlook its ostensibly complex features by focussing on its overall and fundamental goal: to run a business efficiently and economically online from one single piece of computer software.

Compounding further on this broad summary, still keeping it simple yet simultaneously highlighting just how easy NetSuite software is to utilize, think of it as a system capable of storing all company data in a one database. All information and analytical data is accessed via a series of online real-time dashboards. These dashboards can be allocated appropriately to the employees dealing with different aspects of the company.

Cutting Costs And Time

Because NetSuite utilizes the Cloud storage system, the archaic days of printers, wasted paper, filing cabinets and IT repair bills are over.

Cloud storage allows data access from any location providing Internet access. This is effectively like lugging around your company’s entire filing facilities with you. The other key benefit from Cloud storage is its ability to free up time – as all data is accessible from a touch of a button via 3G or 4G through mobile devices, a company can still run whilst you are on the move.

NetSuite And Its Software Variants


The flagship software package, NetSuite, is aimed at a broader spectrum of the business sectors, offering online accounting, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), all Inventory and e-commerce software.

All aspects of running business are tackled within this fully integrated piece of software, connecting your business and tying finance, sales, service and fulfilment together via its online dashboards at the click of a button.

NetSuite OneWorld

The world of business and e-commerce is extremely diverse and NetSuite have thought about this and offer different applications of their program. NetSuite OneWorld is aimed at multinational and multi–subsidiary companies, providing far cheaper global business management and financial consolidation compared to the on–premise ERP solution.

NetSuite CRM+

This variant of NetSuite offers Powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for management of the entire customer lifecycle. NetSuite CRM+ provides management via the web, a flexible solution that caters for SFA (Sales force automation), Marketing automation, and Customer care.

NetSuite OpenAir PSA

The OpenAir package provides project-based ventures with their project resources and management. Accounting, timesheets and business expenses are also dealt with, reducing bench time and improving both on-time and invoice accuracy.

Why NetSuite?

Used by over 19,000 companies, corporations and businesses the world over, NetSuite has grown significantly since its conception, boasting many awards, including Best Commerce Solution, Best Financial Solution and also recognised as an outstanding contribution to online business solutions.

So once you’ve decided to take your venture by the horns and aim for the clouds, it’s just a matter of selecting the package best suited to your needs. You won’t face any hardware installs or potential maintenance fees associated with complex set-ups. There are no large, up-front license fees either – just as NetSuite promises, everything is taken care of online and in the sky.

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